Best Car Duster – Buying Guide for Soft and Efficient Car Dusters

10 Best Car Dusters That Deserve A Place In Your Car

Soft, Efficient & Best Value

The first question I would like to clarify is: “Do car dusters leave scratches on the car?”. Yes, cheap and low-quality dusters can hurt your car’s shine, but not those on our best car duster list.            

Improving the life, efficiency and appearance of a vehicle is more than just the fuel used and modifying the engine or body. It’s also about making sure you have a regular service to keep it well maintained. It can affect car performance and fuel efficiency, especially when dust gets into the vents.

Car dusters offer you the opportunity to clean your vehicle at any place and any time. Designed to collect dust like magnets, car dusters can easily remove dust quickly and efficiently.

You need to clean your car regularly to keep it fresh. A particular problem with car is the accumulation of dust on the outside and inside. This dust cannot be cleaned with normal cleaning cloth. With the right car duster, you can keep your car ultra-clean and look fresh like new.

Dust or pollen can also make you sneeze and that is very unpleasant and dangerous when driving. Our team of automotive experts has compiled a list of the top ten car dusters worth adding to your car tool kit.

1. Ultimate Car Duster - The Best Multifunction Microfiber Car Duster by Relentless Drive

Ultimate Car Duster - The Best Multifunction Microfiber Car Duster by Relentless Drive

Relentless Drive is a well-known company in the automotive world that manufactures a number of different vehicle cleaning products. This duster is designed to effectively absorb dust from the surface of a car. If you’re looking for something more solid than any other dusters, this ultimate car duster is worth buying.

 It is made of microfiber and doesn’t have any lint. Although it is a bit expensive for a simple duster, it works surprisingly and has the most satisfied customers.

The Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Duster has an extendable steel handle to help you get into places where the other dusters can hardly reach. The large head of the duster is covered with electrostatic chenille microfibers to collect dust and pollen very effectively and keep it until you finish cleaning. The biggest advantage of Ultimate car duster is, it leaves no lint or any other residue. It can efficiently clean all types of vehicles including SUVs, RVs, and trucks.


 The Relentless Ultimate car duster has a cylindrical head with microfiber cloth wrapped around it. The cleaning surface rotates 360 degrees. The duster is also quite long. The head is 16×6” and has a strong 6″ handle. The handle is made of steel and there is no risk of falling or deteriorating after prolonged use.

The electrostatic chenille microfiber head has huge number of short noodles. It has a certain electrostatic quality that can actually attract dust, pollens, and similar particles. The duster comes with a storage bag to protect the head from dust.


 We immediately loved this Ultimate premium car duster with the 360-degree head. It is perfect for removing dirt and debris from the surface of the car paint. The duster is long enough and large enough to do the job without making you exhausted.

From our experience we can say that it is impressively effective against pollen. You can make your car pollen free with one or two strokes easily.

 You will not find stripes with this duster, even if it is used on windows. It is very soft on the surface. On a hard surface, like a dashboard, two or three strokes will ring back the original shine.

 It is very durable and has a firm grip, supported by non-slip plastic protectors. The handle is expandable to 6 inches. This is useful for different parts of the car where it is hard to reach.

 This duster can be washed, but it is not necessary. If washed, use warm water and mild detergent. Do not put it in the machine because it distorts microfiber fingers.

 So far, we found no issue with the duster except durability. We expected the expensive duster to last longer.

Reasons to Buy

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2. Carrand AutoSpa 97372AS Car Interior Duster

Carrand AutoSpa 97372AS Car Interior Duster

This AutoSpa is one of the best car interior dusters. Because it uses the right size, making it ideal for cleaning car interiors.

Carrand AutoSpa Duster is really cheap. But it provides excellent performance. You’ll fall in love with this after using it for just a week.

It is designed to get into some of the parts of the car interior that are hardest to reach by any ordinary duster. Its long soft microfiber noodles, wrapped completely around the head, allow you to effortlessly clean dust from all sides. Its size and shape are ideal for pockets and coasters. And the molded plastic handle provides comfortable and secure grip.


This car duster is made with Chenille microfiber fingers. Microfiber is considered the best material to be used in cars, since the fabric does not cause any scratches. And chenille is one of the softest microfibers.

The fingers are thick and long. The dark gray head is oblong and attached to a short molded plastic handle. The whole duster measures about 15cm long.


The design of this special car duster ensures you can grab dust from all sides. The fingers are soft and long so they work much efficiently.

This car duster grabs rubble like a magnet. It can remove a whole layer of dust with just a wipe. Then shake the duster to the side and it will be ready to work again.

Quick wipes are enough to keep the car interior free of dirt and shiny. This is especially applicable in panels and seats. This duster is perfectly safe for all kinds of car paint.

Microfiber noodles are very soft and washable. The duster is quite compact. Can be easily stored inside the glove box for quick cleaning.

However, compact size can be a problem when it comes to thorough dust sessions. The handle is short enough to fit an adult’s hand. Therefore, it does not offer a flexible movement.

 Short handles are problematic when it comes to dust from hard-to-reach places, such as the middle area of the lid. But that’s the only problem we had faced.

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3. California 62442 Standard Car Duster with Wooden Handle

Best car duster California 62442

California car dusters are considered most classic car dusters by many owners. If you are looking for a duster with a more traditional brush shape, consider the standard California Auto Duster 62442. Treated with special paraffin, it is designed to remove dust from the surface, rather than just move it. The duster is ideal for a larger surface and is guaranteed not to scratch the outer surface.

You have to follow its break-in period using process. If you do not follow the instructions for the first use, you may leave wax membranes or small red fibers on the vehicle. If you are cleaning the whole car inside and out, your hands may get exhausted because the wooden handle is not too comfortable.


 California Duster is made of fabric with wooden handles. The long rectangular head has cloth fingers attached like a mop. The cloth is 100% cotton coated with a special paraffin wax. The wooden handle is completely non-toxic.

 The duster weighs about 1.5 pounds and is 25 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches wide. A clear vinyl storage bag is included in the package.


Especially designed for California drivers, this duster eliminates the need to constantly wash vehicles during the dry summer months when dust is the real threat. Despite the fairly simple construction, this duster is surprisingly effective in obtaining all dust particles and debris outside the car.

Works great on well treated car paint. A cotton powder head lifts the granules from the surface of the vehicle. No need to use spray wax or water with this duster.

When used externally, this duster does not apply, scratch or damage the paint. Remove the dust instead of moving it, the better the effect. Easily removes dust and pollen from black vehicles, as well as storm dust or rain dust.

The California non-toxic car duster will not scratch your car’s body. No need to spray wax and other cleaning liquids.

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4. Ultra Premium Car Duster by Prestige Auto Care

Ultra Premium Car Duster by Prestige Auto Care

The Prestige Auto Care Ultra Premium Car Duster is an exclusive duster designed for use in a variety of vehicles including cars, RVs and trucks. This microfiber duster comes as a modern alternative to the classic California fabric duster.

The Premium Car Duster is equipped with stainless steel telescopic handle, giving it a 31-inch expandability that allows you to reach ups and downs without the need for additional stretching or bending. The cylindrical head is covered with short electrostatic microfiber noodles, which reduces the risk of tangling when collecting and trapping dust rather than simply moving it. The duster can be cleaned with very little effort, leaving no streaks or stains.

 In any case, it is worth taking a look at it, especially if you want a microfiber duster.


 This car duster has a 36-degree cylindrical head covered with small and short fiber fingers. The duster head is gray, so it’s easy to notice the accumulation.

 A great advantage for this duster could be the telescopic handle with a rubber grip on the end. The handle is made of steel, so there is no risk of bending or breaking. The handle is also expandable generously about 31 inch long.


 We found that this duster is more or less similar to the Relentless Ultimate car duster unit described above. The head of the microfiber duster is slightly different. The Ultra Premium Duster has shorter fingers.

 The brand claims that one sweep is enough to clean the surface of a car. But our test result show that it really depends on the amount of dust. If you haven’t washed your car in a while, you need two or three strokes to get a shiny car.

 An important advantage of this duster is the handle. It is long enough to reach the middle part of the car roof without any excessive stretching. It’s very convenient this way.

Due to the electrostatic charge on microfibers, this duster can collect pollen and similar debris particles. The head of the Prestige Ultra Premium makes it easy to trap dust instead of moving around the surface like a normal duster.

 If there are heavy layers of dust in the car, this can cause scratches on sensitive surfaces. In addition, the handle is very rigid and inflexible.

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5. Fasmov Microfiber Car Duster

Fasmov Microfiber Best Car Duster

Most microfiber dusters have short fingers or noodles but not this. The Fasmov car duster is like a microfiber version of the California cotton car duster, affordable and very efficient.

The long microfiber nodules on the head of the Fasmov duster can capture dust, dirt and pollen and fasten it until you finish cleaning your car. Soft noodles will not damage or mark the interior of your car. The brush style car duster includes a retractable stainless steel handle that extends your stretching range by an additional 6 inches, making every part of your car interior easy to clean.


The head of this car duster is made of ultra soft fiber. Instead of the typical shape of the glove, the fibers hang on long lines about two or three inches long.

The handle of the duster measures 40cm in length. It is retractable by 6 inches. The handle is made of stainless steel, with a grease rubber grip on the end.

The duster package includes a storage bag.


This car duster is specially designed as a cotton wire duster. So, does it work in a similar way? However, the duster does a good job by removing thin layers of dust. One or two blows would be enough to catch dust and pollen.

However, the ability to clean is very limited compared to the cotton version. You can remove a little dust, but after a while just push the dust layer around. But this duster is still useful because it works right away. If you had to clean your car every day, then Fasmov would be perfect.

The handle is very large because it is extendable. No more back bending to reach the top of the roof or the bottom of the car. You have to shake it to clean it up. After a while, the dirt got caught between the strands and the whole duster needs to be replaced.

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6. SENHAI Mini Duster for Car Air Vent

SENHAI Mini Duster for Car Air Vent

All the best microfiber dusters for cars lack common ground, which is the ability to clean very small spaces such as vents.

If you are looking for a duster designed to clean your car’s air vents, consider using the Senhai Mini Duster. The duster consists of a three-pointed head and a nylon brush at the other end. Designed to slide into the gap between each ventilation section.

Brush heads can be used to help move hard dust and dirt and awkward shapes or smaller spaces. The duster head is also made removable for ease of use.


This mini car duster has a double end design. At one end, there is a microfiber cleaning cloth with a rectangular shape. At the other end is a brush with plastic bristles.

The 2-in-1 duster is small enough to enter the air conditioning vents of the speaker and vehicle. It is suitable for ventilation grilles of any size.

Each part of the duster is removable. Moreover, the duster can be separated into three sections for additional use.


It is a versatile brush and we love dusting with this. The idea behind this microfiber brush is great, although the execution does not always come through.

The microfiber cloth is small enough to reach the inside of the ventilation grille. The section of the brush is very durable and the bristles do not fall off. Each section is removable and washable, so this is an important plus. But be careful when using a brush, as hard plastic on the bristles can cause scratches.

While this car duster is designed for air vents, it can be used to remove dust from buttons, blinds or other small wrinkled areas inside the car.

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7. Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Dash Duster

Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Dash Duster

This duster was specifically designed for the interior of the car, especially for the dashboard. All owners know the difficulty of keeping the script clean, which gets dirty even faster than the hood.

If you’re looking for a duster designed specifically to handle dust on the board, the Ultimate Car Dash Duster can be exactly what you’re looking for. The duster fits into a medium size glove box, which means it is always close to the hand when needed.

It has 10-inch head made with electrostatic microfiber nodules. The molded plastic handle is very comfortable to grip.


The Relentless Drive dashboard duster has a huge dust head and a short handle. The duster heads are cylindrical in the form of medium to long microfiber fingers.

It’s short, only about 2 inches long. The whole duster is only about 10 inches long.


The relentless dashboard duster has a wonderful size to fit inside the car. It is not too large to fit on top of the board, and it is not too small.

The compact design is quite perfect because you can keep the duster in the glove box ready to access. You can literally powder the board while waiting for traffic.

It is actually ideal for removing dust from any part of a car. It’s too small to clean the outside without breaking the back. But it is suitable for cleaning seats, window sills, air conditioning vents and other similar components as well.

Thick microfiber nodules are very effective in capturing dirt. The material is electrostatic, and one of the main problems is that too much static electricity can accumulate on the roof, thus there will be more dust.

This duster is not really washable. You can shake it to get rid of the accumulation of dust.

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8. OCM Brand Classic Car Duster

OCM Brand Classic Car Duster

OCM Brand gives you the best car duster here in classic California car duster style. If you are not satisfied with the Microfiber Car Duster, this is a good choice to consider.

The dust head comes from 100% cotton and is waxed to give you magnetic dust clean. These cotton fibers are very soft and even become softer over time.


This car duster is pretty obvious because it’s big. The OCM classic car duster shows off a large narrow head. 100% cotton fingers make it easy to clean. Each thread measures approximately 3 inches long, so this duster is really huge.

 It is beautiful because it is lightweight and ergonomic. The duster comes with a sliding storage case.


The noodles are longer, so this duster can reach all those missing corners and small corners. It is ideal for use between washes, and to remove dust from vents and hard to reach places.

Excess wax can be annoying and cause streaks. Like the California duster, let this dry for about 2 days. There may be some waxy residue in the first two or three wipes.

The handle is wide enough to easily hold long sessions of dust. It is also lightweight, does not slip and fits well in the hand.

With the exception of blinds, this duster works well on most car surfaces. You can leave streaks and dust particles on the windows, so use something else on them.

Unfortunately, this duster is washable. But shaking once or twice can get rid of any build up particles.

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9. DOKO-IN Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster

DOKO-IN Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster

If you like brush style dash dusters, the Doko-in microfiber car duster is probably all you need. Soft microfiber fingers will dust off your board and other internal surfaces without causing damage. Its shape and size make it easy to store under the driver’s seat, while the plastic handle ensures that the duster stays light and easy to grip.


This one looks completely different, so its performance also stands out. However, please note that the car duster comes with a wool towel that can be used for cleaning the interior of the home and the car. The super soft duster works very well on car dash, windows and seats.

 Dokoin dusters come in soft chenille microfiber and are soft on all surfaces of your vehicle. It does not damage, scratch or lint, regardless of surface. It is very effective in absorbing and capturing dust inside the fingers.


Most large head dusters are ideal for dusting cars because their size makes the process faster. However, they are not the best option for interior cleaning. With this offer, you can get a small car duster easy to use. Works for cup holders, corners and other places where large dusters don’t fit.

It can also be used inside the home or office because its compact size and packaging includes a lint cloth to help clean.

The only problem is that it is not the ideal duster for cleaning the outside of the car, since its size and the warranty is also only for a year. But if you want a handy car duster, then that’s it.

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10. Swiffer 360 Duster, Heavy Duty Refills

Swiffer 360 Duster, Heavy Duty Refills

Swiffer is a famous brand of cleaning products, most of which are made for the interior of your home. However, this duster can be used for dusting multiple surfaces, both inside and outside of your car.

The Swiffer 360 Duster is specially designed to capture and block dust and pollen particles that adhere to the surface of your car. They are coated with fibers to stick to dust rather than release.

Swiffer 360 Duster have a Lavender Febreze and a comfortable scent to make your car smell fresh and look clean. The duster head places dust and common allergens on its specially coated fibers and keeps it there until the entire head is placed in the trash.

The heads can be used with short or long swivel handles, which means they can easily reach all corners of the vehicle. The head design makes it ideal for use on many surfaces inside or outside the vehicle.

This duster heads are for one-time use, so once you clean your car, you can simply throw away the duster and hold the handle instead of worrying about cleaning the duster.

Because they are for home use indoors, you can obviously use them not only for your car but also for cleaning anything inside your home or car.

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Which one is the Best Car Duster?

 Out of the top car dusters, the one that is designed to get into some of the parts that reach the most inside of your car, is Carrand AutoSpa 97372AS. Its long soft microfiber noodles, completely wrapped around the head, allow you to grab dust with small efforts from all sides. Dust remains trapped in the head until you finish dusting. Its size and shape is ideal for pockets and coasters, while the molded plastic handle gives it a comfortable grip.

Best Car Duster Buying Guide

Car dusters are an important tool to keep the car clean and comfortable. However, choosing the right car cleaner or a carburetor cleaner based on your needs is more than understanding what is available. It is also important to understand car dusters and different types of dusters. In this part of the shopping guide, we will explore both aspects and explore the benefits of having a car duster. We also answered some of the most common questions about car dusters.


 What to Look for in a Car Duster When Buying One

 Price and budget can be two important considerations when you are looking for the best car interior duster for your vehicle. However, it is important to remember that cheap is rarely better and you can end up paying more in the long run.

 If you use it externally, you risk scratching your paint. The lower material is also less likely to work efficiently, which means you will pay more for replacing the duster.

 Along with Price and Look, Consider These when Buying a Car Duster:


You want a car dust brush that will remove dust in a wipe and hold it instead of moving it to another place or lifting it in the air. The best duster lifts dust off the surface and catches it until you shake it or wash the duster.


You need a comfortable duster that allows you to keep a firm grip on the handle. A molded plastic handle or stainless-steel handle is ideal for achieving this. Poor handle can damage surfaces, especially when dusting mirrors or vehicle windows.

 Ease of use:

Does the car duster you are considering to buy allow you to easily reach all areas that need plastering? For example, can you access corners, vents and cup holders? If you have a large vehicle or have difficulty bending or stretching, then a duster with a telescopic handle can be beneficial. The same is true if you are thinking about external use, as it allows you to easily reach the ceiling and the top of the door.


It is important to take into account the design and manufacturing quality of the duster, as well as the original materials. Dusters that use high-quality but poorly combined materials still lack durability. Poor quality dusters can break after a few use and can cause harm to the vehicle.


Do you want a duster that can be reused, or one that can throw away when it is no longer valid? While reusable dusters require some cleaning and care to work effectively, they are more cost-effective and better for the environment. It is necessary to take into account all the other considerations that we have discussed.


Although not necessary, it is beneficial if you have a duster that can be used for other tasks. Choosing a duster that can be used at home or office reduces your costs and means you always know that your favorite cleaning tool is possible.

 Why should I Buy a Car Duster?

  • Removes dust and pollen. A quick and easy way to keep your car fresh is to use a car duster. Simply slide your finger on the dashboard and other areas to remove particles.
  • Cleans more than a simple cloth does. When using a piece of dust cloth, it usually moves to another area of the car. A duster collects debris and completely removes it.
  • Saves car interior from fading. With a regular duster or brush, the surface area may fade over time. Regular dusters can also scratch the dashboard, center console and other internal points. But these dusters will keep your dash shining.
  • Avoid vacuum cleaners. If you use a car duster regularly, it eliminates the need for a vacuum all the time. The duster will remove particles that might otherwise end up on the floor and seat.
  • Avoid water mess. Soap and water can effectively clean your car inside and outside, and can be messy. Drops, splashes and spills are avoided by using board dusters.
  • Reach hard to reach places. While vacuum is effective for seats and carpets, dusters are strong for cleaning areas such as cup holders, vents, door pockets and other small spaces in vehicles.

Benefits of Using Car Dusters

An easy and effective way to keep the car interior clean and dust-free is using the good quality car dusters. The main advantage of using a duster is that, unlike fabric, it allows you to really remove dust rather than just move it from place to place. Vacuuming can be difficult and time-consuming.

 Using a handy car duster can also reduce the need to use soapy water in the car. While soap and water are an effective method of cleaning, it can be difficult, messy and carries the risk of spills that can damage the material inside the car.

 Car dusters also allow you to reach areas where the vacuum cleaner or fabric cannot reach easily or effectively. This includes hard-to-reach corners, vents, cup holders and other small spaces such as door pockets.

 The versatile car dusters also allow you to remove dust from the surface and dirt from the outside of the vehicle, reducing the need to wash the vehicle. Car washes are time-consuming, especially automatic washes, which puts your paint at risk of scratches and damage.

How many different types of car dusters are there on the market?

 There are four main types of automotive duster. They are: microfiber, cotton, wool and compressed air. Each type has its own uses and advantages. However, microfiber dusters are the most widely used, and have a great variety. Our reviewed car dusters are most effective, easier to use and generally considered environmentally friendly.

  1. Microfiber

 Microfiber dusters use synthetic materials containing electrostatic charges. This allows them to attract and capture dust, pollen, lint and other tiny particles. Microfiber car dusters are soft and unlikely to mark surface areas. They can capture more particles than ordinary cloth. They are also easier to move to small corners of vehicles.

  1. Cotton

 Some dusters are made of waxed cotton, including California Car Dusters. There is little difference between California car dusters and microfibers. They are usually similar to microfiber fingers, but they are made of slightly different materials. Oh, it is. Cotton wax dusters cannot be washed.

  1. Lamb wool

People have been using lamb wool for dusting from long ago. However, it was usually less effective than modern materials such as microfiber and cotton. Lamb’s wool has an inherent magnetic charge.

  1. Compressed air

 Compressed air dusters are suitable for home, office or car areas that are hard to reach using traditional dusters. They are suitable for electronic devices such as keyboards and other technical projects. In cars, they are very convenient to clean the area around the knob and button.

How to Choose Between Cotton and Microfiber Duster

 When you buy a car duster, you will see mainly two main options: Cotton heads and microfiber heads.

 Cotton dusters for cars are associated with respected California brands. Almost all other brands now use microfibers.

 What’s the Difference between the Cotton Head and Microfiber Head?


 Yeah, it’s the same cotton as the fabric on your dress. Cotton is a very soft material, making it a great choice for car dusters to prevent scratches.

 However, there is more in cotton car dusters than just cotton. Because this natural fiber quickly absorbs moisture and can cause skin problems, cotton threads on car dusters are coated with wax.

 Some brands use natural paraffin or bee wax, others can use synthetic wax. This wax coating prevents cotton from causing scratches. Wax also helps cotton to attract and capture dirt. In addition, fluff problems are mainly treated with wax coating.

 The world’s most recognizable car duster, California Classic, is made of wax cotton yarn. This material can be very effective, although it is not without its shortcomings.

 The main disadvantage of car cotton dusters is that they cannot be washed. So, you have to be careful what you clean up. We recommend not to clean bird droppings with dusters.

 If the car duster is new or heats up, the wax coating can cause streaks. Some fluff is inevitable. But the problems are largely limited to the use for the first time.


 Microfiber is a very popular synthetic material used to clean cars without causing scratches. Unlike cotton, microfiber has a higher electrostatic property.

 You’ll find heads in car duster joined together like noodles, lumpy nodules, rarely as long as lines. Microfiber fingers can remove a layer of dust with one or two strokes. Unlike cotton, microfiber does not wax, so it does not cause streaks. This material can also be washed.

Microfiber works on car windows as well as on car paint. However, the effectiveness of the material will depend on which brand you choose. Some brands offer high quality microfiber heads that work very well. Some brands of microfiber car heads do not last as long or are efficient.

End of the day, it’s you who can decide which one is better for your car.

The Best Brands for Car Duster

  1. The Original California Car Duster

California Auto Duster company is based in Chatsworth, California, and was founded in 1989 by Jim and Loraine DeFrank. The company remains family-owned and managed. Its products are sold by special retailers/auto parts stores around the world. They create car dusters with durable cotton fibers.

  1. Carrand Companies, Inc.

 Based in Carson, California, Karan Corporation was founded in 1982. Produces more than 200 different car and household cleaning tools. One of its main products is the 93007 Pacific Coast Auto Duster. They have earned a good reputation and their products are worth buying.

  1. Relentless Drive

Though Relentless Drive is a new company in car care industry, they have outranked many popular brands in recent times. Their products are genuinely good and have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

  1. Senhai Technology Co., LTD.

 Senhai was founded in 2012 and its main parts plant is located in China. The company focuses on research and development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic products. One of its popular products is a mini duster for car vents.

 Car Duster Prices

  • Less than $10: This cheap car duster tends to be low quality and less effective than higher products. However, some are sufficient for specific areas such as vents.
  • $10-$20: It is possible to find a decent quality duster in this price range. they usually do it right.
  • $20 and more: Many premium car dusters cost between $20 and $30. They are often very effective at cleaning dust and pollen from surfaces inside and outside of vehicles.

 Why the Shape of the Head of Car Duster is Important

 Not all car duster heads have the same shape. But does the form really matter?

 Some dusters have long, narrow heads. The others are round or square. There are also cylindrical dusters for cars.

 Square or circular heads may take longer to remove the dust layer. With a rounded head, you can try to rub the surface and use it as a cloth for hair removal.

 The circular head of the car duster works like a narrow head, and users are expected to benefit from a 360-degree cleaning perspective. Round or barrel movement can be quite effective in removing thicker layers of dust.

 What is the Ideal Length for a Car Duster Handle?

The short handle can be problematic when you are trying to dust off the outside of the car. What happens when you can’t get to the roof?

The longer and more comfortable handles of the car duster are essential for an effective cleaning process. You may prefer shorter handles when dusting internally.

If you want to store the duster in a glove box or similar storage box inside the car, you will need a compact duster with a short handle.

 Do Car Dusters need Cleaning Materials?

 A good car duster should not require any cleaning materials such as water or detergent solution. In fact, the use of cleaning materials can cause scratches and other damage to the paint or polishing of the car.

 So, if the particular car duster you’re thinking about requires some cleaner, avoid it.

 Are Car Dusters Washable?

A washable car duster is ideal for prolonged use. If you’re going to clean liquids or bird droppings, you should buy a washable product.

Unfortunately, the car dusters with wax coated threads are not washable. Most non-coated microfiber heads are washable.

However, microfibers can lose their long-term effect after washing often. The head of the duster should be washed by hand because the washing machine will deform it.

If you are just dusting, there is simply no need to wash the dusters. Shake the duster or gently put it on the wall to remove dust particles.


Keeping it clean between washes will not only help your car look great, but will also make you proud of it. Any of the above products can help you keep your vehicle clean from the inside or outside. Depending on the amount of dust you need to clean, you can easily make the decision which car duster you need to buy.

FAQs About Car Dusters


What is a car duster?

A car duster is a duster designed to clean small space within a vehicle that requires dusting. The design typically includes a head covered in dust removal material and a handle with a molded grip for ease of use. However, some have disposable heads or additional features such as small brushes built into the handle.

 Car duster heads are made with microfiber fingers and can capture and retain dust, dirt and allergen particles for quick and easy cleaning. Other materials may include soft cloth, cotton wax and wool.

How to clean a car duster?

Microfiber and waxy cotton dusters should be shaken in trash cans or other garbage containers. This removes dirt, dust and pollen from fibers or nodules. Some dusters can be washed by hand or machine; however, please consult with the manufacturer’s guide to wash any part of a car duster.

The head of a disposable duster should be handled carefully when too clogged for effective use.

Can I clean a catalytic converter with a car duster? 

Of course, you can. But be sure that the catalytic converter is as cool as normal temperature and you are not harming yourself and the duster as well. 

My car duster leaves lint or residue on my car. What should I do?

If your car duster leaves lint while in use, this suggests that moisture is trapped in the fiber or that the dust surface is wet. Make sure the duster is completely dry before use, and the surface is not wet either.

Any stripes on the inside of the vehicle can be removed by cleaning with a clean, lint-free cloth. After drying, you can return to normal use of the duster.

 Cotton lint can be left in the duster during manufacture, which is a particular problem with wax cotton duster. However, giving the duster a strong shake or using compressed air to blow the velvet usually works to eliminate the problem.

Can I use a car duster on a car glass?

If you have a soft duster that does not scratch, then it is suitable for use on glass. You should use gentle scanning movements on the glass and be careful not to apply any pressure, and also, make sure that the glass is completely dry before dusting to avoid lint or steaks.

If you are dusting the internal or external mirrors, check the configuration and position of the mirror before driving the vehicle only to check that you are not moving them during the dust removal process.

 If any glass or mirror in your vehicle has a special coating or shade, please consult the manufacturer before dusting.

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